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Cape York 7 Days Of Adventure

Ready for all Aussie adventure in style!

Quick Details

Rider - 2024 Ages 18+
Rider - 2025
Rider - 2026

An incredible motorcycle tour from Cairns to Cape York, Australia!

Some of the Fantastic Places we visit during the Tour include

The Daintree Ferry and Village, Cape Tribulation, Wujal Wujal Rainforest, Bloomfield Track or Creb Track, Cooktown and surrounding National Parks. Musgrave and Archer River Roadhouses, Fruit Bat Falls, OTL – Telegraph Track, Jardine River Ferry, Bamaga, Punsand Bay and Pajinka, the most Northern point of Australia!

What to bring

Our recommendation is that all riders wear protective riding gear including motorcycle boots (shorter style adventure boots recommended), body armour, approved Australian motorcycle helmets, chest armour, knee and elbow guards, gloves, and goggles/visor. Bring a sleeping bag and pillow (please see trip inclusions), cash for items such as souvenirs and a beer as most of the accommodation stopovers will have a licensed bar. A backpack to keep any personal items that you wish to remain with you.​

We try not to camp where possible, but accommodation in some areas is very limited so please book as early as possible so that we can arrange accommodation.

Tour Inclusions

Full Tour Itinerary